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The Care You Deserve

Lorenzo Garagnani is an internationally recognised expert in hand and wrist surgery who has trained and practised in some of the most prominent units in Italy and the UK. This has allowed him to keep constantly up to date with the latest techniques.

The focus of his practice is centered on minimally invasive surgery. He introduced Piezoelectric surgery into the UK for hand and wrist surgery. This is a technique that allows to reduce the size of the scar and has increased accuracy and safety.  Lorenzo is an expert in key hole surgery of the wrist. He treats all conditions of the hand and wrist in adults, both traumatic and non-traumatic.

Lorenzo performs his private adult hand and wrist consultations at the Shard Outpatients and Diagnostics Centre, at OneWelbeck, at 9 Harley Street, at The Harley Street Clinic and at Dottore London. Private surgical treatment for adults is performed at the London Bridge Hospital, at OneWelbeck, at the Weymouth Street Hospital and at The Harley Street Clinic.